Custom T-Shirt Companies: 4 Types Of Arena Shows Worth Advertising At

An arena event can draw crowds of thousands for any given night. As fans anticipate the event and await any performers, advertisements run on jumbo screens and scrolling digital banners that can be seen from nearly any seat. If you own a custom t-shirt company, then you can take advantage of these arena crowds by advertising at the events. As you plan advertisements for the arenas, there are four specific types of events that can cater to your company. Each event features different crowds and interests that can cater to specific custom t-shirt designs.

Wrestling Events

Pro-wrestling fans love to celebrate their favorite performers with t-shirts depicting catchphrases and different wrestling themes. Wrestling shirts have made million of dollars and have featured legendary wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and CM Punk. As fans look for new shirts and parodies of original shirts, you can advertise your t-shirt company during these events. This is a great way to encourage t-shirt orders for wrestling fans. The advertising can include some mock-up t-shirt designs directly based off wrestling themes.

Basketball Games

Professional basketball games are known for audiences wearing team colors and blending into the arena. Showcasing your t-shirt company is a great way to get in on these color schemes and provide fans with t-shirt designs based off specific teams. For example, if you're advertising at an LA Lakers game, you can offer basic purple and yellow t-shirt designs. These designs can feature custom numbers or text like "#1 Fan". By adding special arena promotions, you can encourage sales and give people access to t-shirts to wear for future games.

Rock Concerts

The world of rock and roll is filled with a specific style and brand. The rock t-shirt is a classic tradition that focuses on bands and themes from the world. When running arena advertisements during these shows, you can showcase different rock and roll graphics available for your t-shirts. This includes guitars, drums, or quotes from the roll & roll world. This is a great way to encourage group orders like "Bon Jovi's Fan Crew" or other fan ideas.

Comedy Events

Large crowds are primed to laugh and have a great time at a comedy show. A large section of t-shirts often feature funny pictures and puns. Advertising at a comedy show is a great way to showcase your company's ability to create funny t-shirt designs. The advertising can showcase some of the funny t-shirts you've made in the past and allow people to brainstorm funny creations for the future. It's a great way to have people venture out and order creative t-shirts.

Contact arena advertising companies to see your different options for showcasing your business during arena shows.