How To Attract More Clients With Your Trade Show Displays

Trade shows are very important to attract new clients and connect with established clients. Your company signage, graphics, and banners should display your very latest product designs and advertising at a trade show. To do this, you must change your signage and banners often at the different trade shows that you attend. Here are some ideas to keep your signage, graphics, and banners new and exciting when participating in trade shows:  

  • Steel or Cast Iron Display Frames - Use trade show displays made of steel or cast iron frames with changeable banners. These frames can be bolted together or used as single, stand alone frames for your display banners and signage. These frames can be used as back walls and side walls, and used as base structures for table or shelf product displays. When not in use, these steel or cast iron frames can be disassembled and packed away for storage. 
  • Vinyl Banners and Signs - Make your trade show display banners and signs out of a single neutral color vinyl without any images or text. These banners can have grommets on all sides so that they can be attached to the steel or cast iron frames with cords or velcro. Make large vinyl cutout images of your products to adhere to the banners and signs. Vinyl text boxes with your logo and business name can also be made to adhere to your banners and signs. These vinyl cutout images and vinyl text boxes are inexpensive and easily stick to your vinyl banners and signs. You can make many different cutout images and text boxes to show your products at different trade shows. New signs and banners can be easily and inexpensively made for new products as they are developed.  When not in use, these banners can be detached from the frames and rolled up for compact storage. 
  • Table Displays - A table display can be most effective when draped with a hanging vinyl cover printed with your company name and logo. This hanging cover is a great place to use your coordinated company graphics. You can vary and update the graphics on your vinyl table cover by attaching changeable cutout vinyl images of your products and new text messages.  
  • Halogen Display Lighting - Use clip-on halogen lights on the tops and sides of your steel or cast iron display frames to show off your graphics and signage. These halogen lights can be moved to any location on your steel or cast iron frames to compensate for trade show lighting and other available light sources. Light your banners and signage from the top, bottom, and both sides of their steel or cast iron frames. 
  • Outdoor Tent and Booth Displays - When participating in an outdoor trade show attach a large vinyl graphic with your logo and company name on the top of your outdoor tent. You can also hang a vinyl back wall and vinyl side walls in your booth so that your cutout product images can be displayed on them. Flags and banners on individual stands can be used outdoors as long as they are weighted on the bottom or securely attached to your outdoor tent uprights.  

Trade shows are about attracting new clients and connecting with established clients with great graphic displays. With a little forethought and planning, you can keep your graphic displays new and exciting by changing it for every trade show. Contact a marketing firm, like Exhibit Studios Inc, for more help.