4 Tips For Marketing Yourself As A Freelancer Without A Significant Time Investment

As a freelancer, you constantly need to attract new clients, but you also need to find ways to market yourself that do not require significant time or money. By using multiple marketing strategies, you will attract more attention and possibly find new clients.

Create A Basic Website

When you look at elaborate websites of writers or graphic designers, it can be overwhelming and make you procrastinate in starting your own website. The best way to start is to dive in by using a simple content management system (CMS), even if they are not the most popular option. Use a CMS with a drag-and-drop interface, which makes building a website from scratch easier. You can always make a subdomain of your existing website to work on a more elaborate website a little at a time. A basic website should include a picture, information about yourself, your expertise, samples of your work, and links to social media profiles. If you can afford to spend a little bit to jazz up your site, contact a web design company like Scotti Design.

Use The Right Social Media Platforms

LinkedIn is an excellent starting point to help promote yourself as a freelancer. Since the social media platform is designed for professionals, you have the opportunity to include your previous employers and related experience in your profile. You can build networks with people in similar professions to help boost your visibility. Many employers continue to find employees or contractors through this platform. Other social media platforms can be useful for finding clients, but they are opportunities to help build a community around your talents. It is not uncommon for writers or graphic designers to refer work to other freelancers they have met through social media platforms.

Develop A Passion Project

Although you may be short on time, squeeze in a few minutes each day to work on a long-term, unpaid project for yourself. For example, if you are a writer, you might consider building a website around an interesting topic or creating an eBook. As a graphic designer, building a few elaborate websites could be a passion project, since this may give you the opportunity to utilize certain skills or software you do not frequently use for clients. Not only can these unpaid projects be used as a way to showcase your talent, they are also methods of gaining passive income in the future through ad revenue or other monetization options.

Remember Conventional Methods

When you have a website and social media profiles, this should encourage you to create both virtual and physical business cards. Many freelancers overlook the benefits of business cards because they can seem outdated. This is untrue and without business cards you miss opportunities to secure clients, even when you are passing people on the street or attending conferences. Handing out a few business cards when you pass by small local businesses cannot hurt and you may be surprised at the number of local businesses that can benefit from your services.

Marketing yourself as a freelancer is not always easy and can become time consuming. By using multiple online and in-person methods to broadcast your talents and expertise, you will increase your exposure to prospective clients.