Advertising Tips That May Help Draw Crowds To Your New Club

If you have recently opened a new club along the beach that offers food items, beverages, music, and dancing, draw crows to your new establishment with the following advertising tips. Once you acquire new patrons, they will continue coming back to your club as long as they have a good tim each time that they visit.

Aerial Banner

Hire an aerial advertising company such as High Exposure Inc Aerial Advertising to assist with designing a banner to be towed behind an airplane or helicopter. Banners are often hand-painted and can contain several, bold colors and distinct lettering. Banners can be used multiple times, making them a wise investment. The only other cost that you will encounter, besides the cost of the sign, is the one associated with the flight.

Flight time can be purchased ahead of time. You can decide how long you would like the advertising to be displayed across a specific part of the sky. If you choose a time while many people are out soaking up the sun or walking along the beach, many people will be likely to see your advertisement and may decide to stop by your new club.

Character With A Sign

Assign one of your staff members to dress up like an animal or character. Provide them with a cardboard sign that displays information about your business, including the address, phone number, and any daily specials or entertainment that is offered. Make sure that the lettering and numbers that are displayed across the sign are large and neatly written so that people walking or driving by can clearly read them.

The character and sign will draw attention to your business that you may not have been able to gain with a plain sign by itself. People who see the advertisement may be curious about the services that you offer and decide to stop by the club if they have some extra time on their hands. 

Fliers That Have Coupons Printed On Them

Hire an advertising specialist to help prepare fliers to advertise your club. Offer new customers a discount, such as two drinks or dinners for the price of one. Have coupons printed on the fliers so that recipients will see them when they read about your establishment. Choose a picture of your establishment that showcases some of the items that you sell regularly.

If colored ink is used to print the fliers, each one will stand out. Place fliers in local businesses so that interested individuals can take one it they would like. Another way to distribute the fliers is by purchasing a mailing list and sending one to each of the entries that are printed on the list. 

All of these advertising ideas may help your business boom and can help your club become a favorite destination for many people.