3 Creative Ways To Market Your Real Estate Agency

Buying and selling homes is big business for the parties involved in the transaction and the real estate agents who help facilitate each transaction. Most real estate agents work on commission, so attracting a steady stream of new clients is critical to the success of any real estate firm.

Traditional marketing techniques might be overlooked by modern buyers, but there are some creative approaches that you can take to make your marketing efforts more memorable.

1. Give Mailings a Purpose

Direct mail has been a popular marketing tactic used by real estate firms for many years. Unfortunately, a lot of consumers just toss out the flyers that agencies send without giving them a second glance. To ensure that the money you spend on mailings doesn't go to waste, ensure that each piece of direct mail sent out from your agency has added value.

Include a list of local hikes. Add the schedule of local farmers markets or festivals. These types of information have lasting value for consumers and the inclusion of the information on your mailings will probably get your direct mail pieces put up on consumer refrigerators. When these consumers are in need of a real estate agent, your agency will immediately come to their mind.

2. Use Strategic PR

The press can be a great partner when it comes to real estate agent advertising.

Contact your local newspaper and offer to work with reporters to publish an article regarding a hot topic in the real estate market. You can even offer to write a regular column that will help readers get answers to their real estate questions if you have the time.

This type of strategic PR lets you showcase your knowledge and expertise while reaching a broad audience with your marketing message.

3. Partner With Businesses and Influencers

Most consumers interact with at least one business or social media influencer online each day. You can harness the reach that these entities have already established to promote your real estate agency.

Consider hosting special events for businesses in your area at one of the properties that you are selling. If a property that you have recently listed has unique features or a captivating history, reach out to social media influencers to do a segment on the property.

These types of partnerships can prove beneficial in helping your real estate agency attract potential buyers and sellers in a more organic way.