Three Businesses For Which Door Hanger Advertising Is A Good Investment

Every effective business is constantly looking for new ways to connect with prospective customers. If you run a business and are open to exploring unique advertising opportunities, door hanger advertising might appeal to you. Many companies can produce custom door hangers for you — which are similar to the "Do Not Disturb" door hangers that you find in hotels but provide information about your business. You can then distribute them in different manners. The most common approach is to visit homes in your area and hang them on residents' doors. If you run one of these businesses, door hanger advertising is a good idea.


Fast food and neighborhood restaurants often use door hanger advertising in a variety of ways. If you represent a restaurant that has recently opened, door hangers are a good way to let local residents know about your presence. Another popular way to use door hangers is to provide coupons on them that people can use to save money while visiting you. For example, if you run a pizza restaurant, your door hanger might include a coupon that entitles the holder to a free order of garlic bread upon ordering $20 worth of take-out pizza.

Real Estate Agents

Many real estate agents turn to this unique form of advertising to hopefully gain an edge on their peers. Real estate is a competitive business, and door hangers can be a good way to alert local residents to your name, face, and contact information. There are a variety of scenarios in which you may want to make and distribute door hangers. For example, if a particular neighborhood is highly sought after by buyers, you might have a door hanger designed that explains this information and offers to list the homes of any local residents who are keen on selling.

Barber/Hair Salons

A lot of communities have multiple barbershops and hair salons, making this industry more competitive than some people realize. If you've just opened either type of business and you're eager to draw customers away from their go-to spots, door hanger advertising can be a good approach. You can use this advertisement to show pictures of your stylish location, as well as offer discounts to new customers. For example, you might state that by presenting the door hanger at the start of the appointment, the customer can save 25 percent off the cut of his or her haircut or hair styling.