Linear TV Advertising: Live Viewing Adjacent & Social Media Seeding

In today's shifting media landscaping, developing television ad campaigns is all about adjusting to trends. This is particularly true if you've relied on linear TV advertising.

Here are some of the ways to make TV ads more effective during this global pandemic.

Live Viewing Adjacent

With live sports on hold during the pandemic, adjusting your TV ad campaign to catch your target audiences when they tune in can be difficult.

  • News: When global catastrophes strike, viewers want to stay informed. One of the easiest switches to make to a linear TV ad campaign is to advertise heavily during local news broadcasts. To make your linear TV advertisements even more effective, you'll need to consider your target market's viewing habits. For instance, if you're looking to target young adults and young families, you'll need to split your advertising dollars. Because young families are more likely to tune to morning newscasts than young adults, you'll want to save some of your advertising dollars to run ads during the 9 and/or 10 pm newscasts. Linear TV ads can be made even more effective by focusing on the beginning and end of the hour as the newscasts will cycle at these points to attract new viewers to the screen.
  • Re-Runs: With live sports on hold, many viewers are tuning into re-runs of major sporting events and other competitive-type shows. When attempting to figure out where to focus your linear TV advertising dollars, you'll need to think about which re-runs will attract which viewers. For instance, re-runs of professional sporting contests will likely pique the interest of older viewers, while reality television competition shows might be more likely to attract younger viewers. TV ad consultants can help you break down the data to help you make smart adjustments to your linear TV ad campaigns.

Social Seeding

Although today's viewers might consume less television than previous generations, today's viewers consume more media than any generation in history.

  • Social Data: What plays on social media will have a better chance of playing on television. For instance, if you're looking to attract a specific demographic, you'll increase your effectiveness by seeding short video content or branding on social media. Most of the best TV ad consultants have powerful data mining tools that can help you seed your social media advertising campaigns strategically. Because social media has a 24/7 cycle, you need to be prepared to adjust your campaign frequently.

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