3 Inflatable Products Ideal For Grand Opening Celebrations

Hosting a grand opening is a great way to draw attention to your business and welcome new customers. To help draw attention to the celebration, you can consider putting up displays on the exterior of your business. The displays will help people find your business and will allow others to see that a new business has popped up.

One of the easiest ways to draw attention to your business is with inflatable products. Large and colorful inflatables will catch the eyes of others and you have a lot of options to choose from.

1. Inflatable Tube Dancer

An inflatable tube dancer not only draws visual attention through the size of the product but also through the endless movement that occurs when air is blown up and through the tube. The long tube features two loose arms that wiggle and wave around when turned on.

The tube dancers come in bright and vibrant colors that can be seen from long distances away. The long section of the tube is ideal for custom letter options including "Grand Opening", "Now Open", or "Grand Opening Sale". Choose a message to display that can be easily read as the tube dances and wiggles around.

You could also have two tube dancers and place one on each side of your business entryway. The two dancers will help draw even more attention to your business.

2. Oversized Balloons

A great way to advertise your business name, branding, and logo is with an oversized balloon. The balloons appear similar in shape to a real hot air balloon and can inflate to large sizes. Ropes and anchors secure the balloon to the ground and offer a great visual for placement in a parking lot or on the rooftop of your business.

You can choose multiple color schemes of the balloon to match the branding of your business. For example, you could choose a balloon with red and white stripes going around the whole design. The whole face of the balloon features a spot to place custom prints of your business logo along with plenty of room for messages like "Grand Opening."

3. Inflatable Animals

Display an official mascot for your business with the use of an inflatable animal. Large inflatable animal designs draw attention with their larger-than-life appeal and unique looks. Animals like gorillas, dragons, bears, and dinosaurs all make great displays to help draw attention to your business.

Find ways to relate the animal to your business and use the inflatable for clever marketing campaigns. Mix and match inflatable options to get the most out of your grand opening.

For more information about grand opening advertising inflatables, contact a local rental business.